Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Recycling Oil Rigs into Luxurious Hotels

Morris Architects took the first prize at the second annual Radical Innovation in Hospitality Awards.

The Gulf of Mexico has around 4,000 oil rigs in various sizes that will be decommissioned at some point during the next century.

Morris Architect's plan is to convert these oil rigs into luxurious eco-friendly hotels and spas.

It is extremely expensive to work on oil rigs. The architects proposal is to ship the pre-fabricated rooms to the oil rig as standard shipping containers.

View of the interior of the rooms

* 300+ guest and luxury suites
* Conference facility and ballroom for events
* Fitness center and spa
* High end dining, shopping, and entertainment
* Rooftop infinity pool
* Pro shop and launch for water-based activities
* Gaming casino and stargazer lounge
* Dive bell and scuba training
* Boat launch and boat slips for visitors

credit: Jetson Green, BLDGBLOG, TreeHugger and Curbed

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