Monday, 23 March 2009

Interview with James of "The Mod Revival"

James is behind "The Mod Revival." In his blog he shares his love towards fashion and music among many other things. I highly recommend his blog. James resides in Brooklyn NYC and he often posts great street style photos from NYC. Another great feature is his "Classic Clip of the Week."
Here's an interview with James:
Explain style?

I call it "Euro nerd chic" where I like to represent different era's on a given day. I'm a huge fan of the Teddy boys, Mods, classic 50's and 60's Americana, the post punk/new wave era of the late 70's and early 80's all the way up to the detailing and quirks of present day Milanese and Parisians.

Ideas behind blog?

I feel music and fashion are so connected, I wanted to dwell on that further. A Brian Jones being a musical genius and a fashion icon of his day amazes me so much I want to show something like that as well as find people and things in New York City I felt represent my everyday influences and different styles New York City offer.

Worst fashion mistake?

The 90's in general. Up until that decade, men generally knew how to dress and wore clothes that fit them properly but the 90's gave way to ill fitting looks and practically ruined an entire generation in America. Most of what you see now in offices around the country are men (and tons of women too) who could care less about their appearance, not realizing that most times a) other people judge you based on your looks and b) your career can be held back because of it.

Guilty pleasure?

Women seen wearing pencil skirts, riding boots, heels or a great fitting button up shirt. It drives me mad everytime.

What do you find sexy in the opposite sex?

It pretty much goes back to what I said about my guilty pleasures but when a woman carries off grace and elegance along with it (sometimes a lit cigarette can add to that effect), I can't imagine many things being sexier than that.

Personal style quirk?
Planning out my looks for the week, either by typing it down in my phone or just in my head or matching my socks to my shoes, rather than my trousers. I feel naked when wearing a blazer with no pocket square and intentionally not matching but "coordinating."

Never caught wearing?

Squared toed shoes. I recently had an argument with friend of mine who thinks it's okay but he'll soon learn....or maybe he won't.

When I was in high school, I wore?

Let's just say tons of fabric, refer back to worst fashion mistake......

I build my daily outfit by.....

My mood b/c it varies from day to day and usually my outfits reflect that and sometimes I build it around what shoes I want to wear.

Always dress best for....

My dad. I know I have some sort of style but I always feel like filling his shoes is a never ending quest and for my future lady. You attract what you like and I feel when you dress well, not only do you attract better quality of woman but the ones who are most intimidated just because you dress well are ones you likely shouldn't be with in the first place.

Plans for this year and next?

Wardrobe wise I'd like to incorporate more black similar to how the British have done for so many decades, along with always trying to enhance my style IQ and take more risks. Hopefully we'll see more American men be more comfortable on their skins and take the leaps that European men (and women) have absolutely no problem taking.

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