Friday, 27 February 2009

Model Style - Taylor Warren

Taylor Warren
Nationality: American
Birthday: October 6, 1987
Born In: Gloversville, NY
Lives Now: New York, NY

1) How did you get into modelling?
Around the age of 9, I decided that this was what I wanted to do with my life..

2) What is the most exciting campaign you have been involved with?
The H&M Campaign shoot was all sorts of amazing. Amazing location, amazing styling, amazing CREW, amazing hotel. Amazing amazing amazing.

3) Who are your favourite designers?
This is an impossible question because I honestly believe I can find something to wear from any given collection. But surprisingly to some, I have a very big sweet spot for Jill Stuart. As far as clothes I can never afford; Balmain.

4) Where do you usually shop for your clothes?
Most of my clothes are very cheap. I save my money for shoes and bags. I don't find things that are super expensive to be worth the money most of the time, its usually way too trendy to invest that much $. But bags and shoes... I'll take a dive.

5) Which fashion brands would you like to work for?
Any of them that find me appropriate for their aesthetic. I would never say no. Unless it was absolutely terrible, but they probably pay more....

6) How do you stay in shape?
I have ridiculous genetics. I live in Major cities, so there's a lot of walking involved. I think if you are constantly moving, you don't necessarily need to count calories or carbs. Or anything for that matter. Eat when you're hungry, don't eat when you're not hungry and don't sit on your bum all day.


  1. Taylor is so pretty, good interview!

  2. Thanks!!! So glad to hear that you liked the interview!! :)