Saturday, 28 February 2009

BBC Series - British Style Genius

"British Style Genius" (BBC2) looks into the history of British fashion and what has made it so individual and influential.

The series is broken up into 6 parts on YouTube. Here they are:

Part 1 Teds, Mods

Part 2
Teds, Mods (some hip hop styles)

Part 3 Mods, Fred Perry

Part 4 Skinheads

Part 5
Casuals, sportswear from the 80's

Part 6 Casuals, Chavs


  1. Before I watch this, I'm going to say, if the Beatles don't get any kind of recognition, I'll quit my blog (ok, not really) but I'll be very disappointed......

  2. So not only was there no recognition for the Beatles but there wasn't even a mention! lol....With that being said, I thought it was pretty informative, my one complaint being the hip hop portion in part two was really out of nowhere. There was really no need for that part. The Teddy Boy culture has inspired me again but this time I must find a bolo tie! lol

  3. I was also surprised that there was no mention of the Beatles. Overall imo it was a pretty good and informative series. Glad you liked it!! :)